Who are we?

12012012596AGROS Ltd is a leading company that is well-established in the national market, with international operation for sale of plant protection products, seeds and fertilisers for the agricultural producers and trade in agricultural produce. Governed by the understanding that the agriculture is one of the priorities in today’s economy, AGROS Ltd offers its customers the latest plant protection products based on state-of-the-art scientific technologies.


P1030151222AGROS is one of the first companies in Bulgaria, established in 1992. In 1998, due to the expansion of its operations, it profiled into three trademarks, which today work in a team like a well-oiled machine in favour of modern agriculture.

Our advantages:

  • High level of professionalism
  • Supply with care for the customer
  • Narrow specialisation of the activities for better results
  • Competitive prices

These components build the image of AGROS Ltd as a company that is solid and has prospered in the domestic market and in countries from 5 continents for 20 years now owing to the innovative methods it offers for the development of an intelligent, modern-day agriculture.

What do we have on offer?

With a vision of the future of the agriculture in Bulgaria, professional flair for useful, effective and optimal in terms of prices solutions for every farmer. Flexible trade policy and knowledge of the grown crops.



  • Grain storage and trade – Agros has a modern silo base, complete with cleaning equipment and driers. Located in the town of Suvorovo, within 30 km of the city of Varna
  • Growing agricultural produce on own and rented land.
  • A factory for sunflower processing and production of cold-pressed sunflower oil, Fine cleaning and colour sorting of seeds and grains, Sunflower seed dehulling.
  • Business activity carried out through modern commercial facilities in the towns of Zavet and Valchi Dol.

What do we offer?

In our company, farmers find what they personally need: the suitable preparations, fertilisers and seeds matching the soil characteristics and the specific needs of the grown crops. We offer our customers from the respective region professional consultation in their choice of a product. We operate in all agricultural regions in the country.

AGROS Ltd carries out its business activity mainly in three projects:

  • OMEX technologies for plant nutrition
  • A chain store
  • A factory and a grain facility